WordPress Page Creation Like a Professional

What is WordPress?

Orange globe in WordPress page paragraphOf the top one million websites in the world, 33% use WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (content management system). A CMS makes it very simple to add content to your WordPress page. You can keep your website up to date without having to learn lots of HTML code.

You can very simply add links, marked up text, images, tables, etc. By marked up text I mean bold, colour, italics, 6 different heading sizes, etc.

HTML coding before WordPress pagesBack when I started creating websites in 1996, I had to make each page individually using HTML code. Now, with WordPress, I never have to add things like menus, logos and other backend things to each page. I set it up once for all pages. When I create a page, all I need to do is add content. (Learn more about adding content below.)


Adding content
Add menu
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FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Move domain name to web host
Save frequently
Tips on using this website
Web host setup
WordPress version

Getting started

Before I can start making your 3 page website, you will have to get a domain name and a web host. Then you email me the domain name and the username & password for your web host.

Within 3 business days, I will get your new WordPress website to you. Then you use information from this website to finish off your own website and create something amazing & professional.

Domain name

Go to the FAQ about how to choose an ideal domain name. Hopefully you will be able to find and register that ideal domain name with WhoIs. Make sure you follow the instructions and add dns1.supremedns.com and dns2.supremedns.com to the WhoIs DNS information.

Getting a web host

♦ compare-plansGo to the LiquidNet Ltd Hosting website.
♦ In the Starter column, click Start Free Trial.how to install wordpress
♦ Fill in the account owner details
(♦ Pay your $35 for the first year after your free month is up.)
♦ After you get an email with your username & password, send me an email. It will have to include your domain name, username & password.


Representation of images in a WordPress pageNote that there is lots to learn when it comes to making a professional looking web page. All of that new knowledge can be overwhelming. Expect your 20th page to be much better than your first page.

Perhaps you are one of those people who learns best by

  • Trying,
  • Making mistakes,
  • Learning from those mistakes and then
  • Doing a better job.

If so, why don’t you just start making pages without reading the information below.

When you don’t like what you created, use

  • The FAQ,
  • The search icon to the right of the top menu and
  • The information below to find how to correct your mistakes.

Read how to start a new page and 3 characteristics of an excellent webpage.

Tips for using this tutorial

1. You will see lots of links to other articles within this website. You should click on most of them to get related information.

Note that they usually link to another page. They open up in another browser window. That is so that you do not lose the place where you were. Delete those extra browser windows often.

2. Use Cmd F often to find words & phrases within a single page.

3. Menu at the top of a WordPress pageUse the magnifying glass to the right of the top menu often. Find words & phrases within the entire website.

Correct Version of WordPress

You must always use the latest version of WordPress. Otherwise, some of your plugins may not be compatible with your version. Unfortunately, sometimes the new version comes out and it will take a while for a web host to upload it.

As of this writing, the latest version is 5.4. I had just installed WordPress from a web host and received version 5.3.2. This had to be rectified before adding any more data. Otherwise, some of the data would have been corrupted when I upgraded to 5.4.

To find your version number, hover over the tiny WordPress icon in the upper left-hand corner of your web page. Then click About WordPress. You will be given a page where the version number will be readily available.

Complex instructions for updating to the latest version are available here. Alternatively, you can try to use these simple instructions:

  1. Near the left top of your black menu, go to Dashboard > Updates.
  2. Under “An updated version…” simply click on the blue Update Now button. Check & you will be updated to 5.4.

Adding content to your WordPress page

Sample WordPress pageLogin

To add content, you must first log into your website’s account. If you do not see any links to let you do that, add this to the end of your domain name (home page) and click Enter: /wp-login.php. Then add your username & password.

Then every page will have an Edit Page link at WordPress pagethe top. Click that to edit the page to which you wish to add more content. If you want to edit a brand new page, hover over the New link at the top. Click Post for a new blog post. Otherwise, click Page to start a new page.

Content tips

To create your profession-looking WordPress page, read the sub-article about 3 characteristics of a webpage presentation. Read it over several times as you are writing your article.

Web pages have 6 different sizes of headings available. They are ranked from H1 to H6. The H1 heading should be served for the main title of the page. In the above image the H1 heading is WordPress Website and Blog Creation.

That should be the only H1 heading on the page. Because it may be difficult for a visitor to distinguish between the size of headings, it may be a good idea to colour code them.

The orange code above is an H2 heading. Each time you change to topic a bit, you may want to have a new H2 heading.

For SEO reasons, do not skip numbers. For instance, if you want a sub-heading within an H2 section, make it an H3 heading and not an H4 heading.

Learn more about headings.

3 Things to consider

WordPress pageRemember that content is king. Without planning your WordPress page content carefully, you cannot achieve the intended purpose of your web pages. Think it through carefully. You usually want at least 300 words on a page. Make sure you have enough pictures to keep the visitors engaged. (Read about free pictures.) 

WordPress pageBefore adding content to your WordPress page, work on WordPress pagethe 3 points below.

1. Click New > Page. (Careful: If you choose Post, it will create an entry for your blog.)

WordPress page2. Write your H1 heading. Note the points below about SEO. Google allows a maximum length of 600 pixels for an H1 heading. That means that you can have more i’s than w’s.

WordPress pageTo check the length, look at the SEO analysis at the bottom of your page in edit mode.

Learn more about headings.

Note that the colour of your main (H1) headings of your website can be changed. See the appropriate FAQ.

3. This website has the Yoast SEO plugin installed and activated. I used WordPress page for this page’s focus keyword. To increase the probability of getting on Google’s page one, I

  • Began heading with focus keyword.
  • Had complete focus keyword in the web page address.
  • Kept web address as short as possible to make it easier for users to remember.

Note the Yoast SEO screenshot above. We got a green button for having the keyphrase in the slug.

Learn more about slugs.

Save frequently

As I’m creating a new page, I like to save it frequently. I do that by clicking the blue Update button.

I may not do that if it was a blog post because people can go to new posts so often.

Why do I save frequently? It’s because things go wrong. I’ve lost too much data by not saving my pages often enough.

Add menu

WordPress page

The top menu for this website looks like the above. The magnifying glass is for searching for anything on any of the pages in this website. Learn how to add a search feature to a WordPress page.

Always have the Home link first because that’s what tells people what your website is all about. There are so many items that they could not be in a row without partially destroying the magnifying glass.

So, I consolidated them under the title More. Learn how do do that & how to build a menu here.

Add an Animated GIF

WordPress pageYou might want to add an animated GIF such as the one to the right. You can even add a hyperlink to it so that it can give people information on how to buy something you are selling. Learn how to add an animated GIF here. Learn how to make an animated GIF.


After absorbing the content above, go to the FAQ page. Read every question to find information that may be useful to you.

What you learned

On this web page you had lots of links to very valuable information. For instance, you had a link to 3 Characteristics of a Web Page Presentation. Those characteristics are information, aesthetics & technical. If you study those thoroughly, you will be much more likely to have a professional appearing website.

You learned how to choose & purchase a domain name. You learned how to link that domain name to your web host. You learned how to set up WordPress.

You learned many more tips about how to create a more professional website. So, go ahead, make something you can be really proud of.