Troubleshooting FAQ for Unusual Situations

The frequently asked questions of this page are different from the other FAQ page. They do not ask common questions. They answer unusual questions designed to help you with your troubleshooting.

JUNK FOLDER Q. How do you make emails go into the Inbox rather than the Apple Mail junk folder?
MAIL RETRIEVAL Q. How do you retrieve your email in a LiquidNet hosting mailbox?
MAILBOX Q. How do you create a mailbox to save your mail in LiquidNet hosting?
NINJA FORMS Q. How do you troubleshoot Ninja Forms/Contact Us page problems?


How to make forms go into the Inbox instead of the Junk folder.

These notes are the above animated GIF slowed down.

When you are in Apple Mail, go to:

  • Mail > Preferences
  • Rules
  • Name of Rule > Edit
  • Dropdown arrow to select Subject
  • Dropdown arrow to select Contains.
  • Dropdown arrow to select Move Message.
  • Text box to type in what every Subject should begin with. In this case it is Ninja Forms.
  • Click OK to save all changes.


How to troubleshoot Ninja Forms/Contact Us page problems.

Contact Us page problem

I used the Ninja Forms plugin to make a form for the Contact Us page. After I saved it and filled in the form, I could not get a copy of the email.

The Ninja form documentation said that if a form would not send to my email address, it was most likely the fault of my web host. In my case, that would be LiquidNet Ltd Hosting. I contacted them and their response is below.

By default WordPress websites aren’t configured correctly to send emails. This is because our servers will accept emails sent with phpmail, only if either the sender or the recipient of the message is a locally hosted mailbox.

You can try to resolve this issue by creating a mailbox from the control panel, since that should be the default email address that the website uses to send emails.

I was able to resolve the problem (sort of)

The domain name of the website I was trying to insert the form into was So, I went to the LiquidNet website and created a new email called I still cannot make the email forward to my most common email address.

Find LiquidNet mailbox

My latest response from LiquidNet says that at this point my email is being rejected by my Internet provider ( In the meantime, I can find any emails from my forms in the mailbox.

This is what I’ve done so far to be able to open that mailbox.

      • Set up the mailbox.
        • Open LiquidNet menu.
        • Click Setup Mailbox link.
        • Click red Create New Email button.
        • Enter whatever you want in front of the at sign and click on the dropdown arrow to decide upon domain name. In my case wordpress was in front of the at sign and the domain name was
        • Note that you CANNOT forward to another email address and you CANNOT have an auto-reply. Choose a password and write it down in a safe place.
        • If you accidentally forwarded an email, this is how you delete that forward:
          • When you first go to, you will see a horizontal menu.
          • Go to Email > Mailboxes.
          • To the right of the yellow hand is the forward column. Click on the number in that column.
          • It will get you to another page where you must click on the red Delete Forwarding button.
      • Click on the pertinent email address in the email address page.

    • Click on the Roundcube logo.
    • You will see your Ninja Form responses.
    • This is illustrated in the animated GIF below.

Save into mailbox

You still may not be able to access your Ninja Form email. It must still have been saved in the inbox. It’s simple. Go to , replace with the domain name of your website and then click on the Save a Copy check box.

Below is an animated GIF illustrating how you can replace with your own domain name to create your own mail box.