WordPress Website and Blog Creation

How to make your own WordPress website

WordPress website

This page will teach you how to make a professional WordPress website.

In order to get that WordPress website, you first must do 4 things in this order:

  1. Register a domain name (commonly around $10) with WhoIs. To learn how to find the ideal name, register it and link it to your intended web host, go here.
  2. Sign up to use LiquidNet as a web host ($35/year).
  3. Find the appropriate seller on Fiverr ($40).
  4. Go to the page creation instructions and practice, practice, practice.

How much will it cost?

WordPress website

I will make you that simple website for $40 USD. That includes all the instructions required to turn that website into a professional-looking website that you can be proud of. With $10 for a domain name & $35 for web hosting, that amounts to $85 plus your time to get an amazing website.